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Patios & Pergolas

Are you searching high and low for excellent ways to spruce up the aesthetics and functionality of your exterior space? With top-grade materials, great design, and robust structure, you can substantially boost the way you appreciate your outdoor living area. You can check out and consider adding specialized landscaping solutions such as patios and pergolas to your property. At Caboolture Landscaping, we are one of the leading patio and pergola builders in the city. We aim to transform our customers’ outdoors into an area where they can enjoy various recreational activities and create a safe space to incorporate their unique lifestyle.

At Caboolture Landscaping, we know that handling a landscaping project by yourself is not an easy task. That is why it might be best to ask for the guidance of professionals you can trust and rely on to accomplish the job for you. As one of the well-known landscaping companies in Caboolture, many property owners have put their trust and confidence in us, and you can too! Phone our reliable customer service staff today to obtain a free no-obligation quote and measure. You can also contact us anytime to further discuss your vision and requirement for the project you have in mind.



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Creative & Innovative Designs

All of our in-house landscape artists and designers are more than capable of developing creative and innovative custom designs to match exactly your preferences. Coupled with our team of proficient builders, we can make your dream backyard garden come true!

High Standards of

Above all things that we value here at Caboolture Landscaping, it our attention to detail and upholding a very high standard of quality in everything that we do. All members of our team are trained and skilled in what they do, allowing them to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations.

Budget Conscious & Cost-Efficient

We understand that many of our clients have budget constraints. So we are committed to working within your specified budget and exploring alternatives that would bring your cost down while complying with regulations and not compromising the quality of our work.


A patio or pergola is an excellent structure you can invest in if you want a simple project that can significantly enhance your lawn or garden. At Caboolture Landscaping, we always look forward to boosting our customer’s exterior so it can be a great space for relaxation and entertainment. For each of the projects we handle, we always assure that our customer’s specifications and preferences always come first. Our professional team can also propose designs and furnish custom-built solutions for you. Check out why it is advantageous to add patios or pergolas to your property in Caboolture:

  • We ensure that we can professionally design and install an impressive patio and pergola that can naturally meet the style and accents you want to incorporate into your existing space. 
  • At Caboolture Landscaping, we only utilize hard-wearing and top-quality materials for our patios and pergolas to make sure that our clients can enjoy these structures for a long time without being hassled by constant repairs and renovations. 
  • If you have plans to add some fixtures, plants, or decorations to your lawn, a patio or pergola can make everything convenient for you. You can easily incorporate the style you prefer because we can fully customize these structures for you. 
  • Our dependable team can give you a vast collection of colors, designs, and finishes for your patio and pergola, so you will have the freedom to mix and match until you achieve the look and functionality you are going for. 
  • With our versatile and beautiful patios and pergolas, you can have an all-purpose area where you can entertain guests, host small parties and enjoy a great space for relaxation.


No matter the style you are going for or the scale of the project, we always ensure that we can craft a plan and design a landscaping solution that can meet the functionality you want to achieve and seamlessly blend it into your existing landscape. Our professional designers will look into the layout of your property, while our builders will keep an open communication for your requirements and preferences at all times. We do this to ensure that we can build you a durable, functional, and visually pleasing patio or pergola that will best suit your space.