5 Types of Dog-Friendly Natural Grass

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As a pet owner, you want your dog to enjoy running around your yard for hours. Unfortunately, once you notice signs of damage in your lawn, your happiness quickly fades. Dogs will run, pee in the same spot, and have accidents from time to time. In the long run, your grass can have infertile spots, tinner threads of grasses, uneven patches, muddy surfaces, and bald spots. Being exposed to these elements can greatly damage your grass.

For pet owners, it is important to find grass that can resist rough play and torture.

5 Natural Grass for Dogs

The key to preventing extreme damage to your lawn is by choosing the best natural grass that suits your climate, location, and needs. If you don’t want to switch to artificial turf or pet turf, are several kinds of natural grass that might work for you.

Perennial Ryegrass

Do you live in cooler climates? If yes, then a Perennial Ryegrass is an excellent option for you. It sprouts quickly and has a strong root system—it remains sturdy in most conditions. It can handle different seasons and flourishes in light shade. However, take note that this grass requires watering and fertilising to maintain its luscious appearance.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This is one of the most popular hardy grasses because of its ability to grow in different climates. After a long day of fun and play, it’s able to recover and grow quickly. It’s excellent for homes with pets because it forms a thick and luscious terrain.


Bermuda grass thrives in more tropical warm weather, rather than hot climates. It doesn’t require much watering even though it can resist high amounts of sun. Bermuda is perfect for dogs because it can tolerate rough play, is resistant to stress, and its deep roots anchor well during play. It is also able to heal and regenerate quickly.


Fescue can thrive in an area with minimal sun. it is sturdy enough to support your dog’s shenanigans. It has a high absorbing quality that makes it the best option if you have a pet in your home. You won’t have to worry about dogs urinating frequently.


Centipede grass can tolerate extreme heat and moderate shade. it doesn’t require intensive maintenance as well. It grows rapidly in different degrees of the sun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t grow everywhere because it’s sensitive to alkaline soil, therefore, it doesn’t grow in imperfect weather conditions.


Having a dog brings so much joy to a household. Making sure that your lawn is dog-friendly will save you from the damage caused by your pet. The grass is a safe place for your dog to run around and play without hurting their paws. Natural grass can become unsafe for your dog if it’s treated with chemicals regularly because they could ingest it.

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