Patio Alternative Options You Will Want to Consider

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A variety of different options are available when it comes to materials that can be used to construct a patio with. From the durability of concrete to the natural aesthetic of stone, there is plenty of materials that can provide different looks for a patio project. While there are different popular options that have plenty to offer, there are also some alternative choices you can go for if you are looking for something different.

Alternative Choice for Patio Materials

There are a number of different materials that are not as well known to be used for patios. Though they may be different, however, there are many different advantages to consider with the following materials if you are aiming for a unique look:


Gravel may not be the first thing to come to mind as an alternative material for a patio but it makes for an inexpensive and easy type of material to install. More than this, gravel has a feature that makes it excellent for drainage and it keeps weeds from growing up on your patio. This is because the material effectively chokes the weeds and makes it improbable that they will be able to grow.

It can be used alone, contained in a wooden frame to prevent the pebbles from migrating to other areas of the yard or used in conjunction with a variety of materials for alternative styles and textures. The downside with this material however is that it is not the most comfortable to walk on nor is it easy to maintain. if the material still interests you though, you can refer to a consultant on the best way to apply it.


This type of material is one of the more decorative options that you can choose as an alternative. It takes naturally occurring materials from the earth and presents a more rustic aesthetic while being a naturally slip-resistant material overall. Some popular materials that fall under flagstone are slate, limestone, or sandstone and the general appeal you’ll find with flagstone is its naturally occurring patterns.

A pitfall that comes with this material however is that it is a difficult material to work with because many types of flagstone are very heavy. In addition to this, flagstones can be considered costly for your patio.


Considered as one of the easiest materials to install as a patio, sand is a low maintenance type of material that holds its own ups and downs. While it can be a fun material to work with and presents the option to create a summer theme, sand can also be tricky to work with. As a loose type of material, it can end up shifting and move furniture plus it can be prone to be affected by different weather conditions even if it is comfortable to walk on. If you find yourself unsure with a pure sand patio, you’ll find that it is also optional to have it as a base for other materials like clay.

Why Have Caboolture Landscaping For Consideration

As there are a number of different alternative patio material options and benefits that come with them, you will want to have a professional service group to help determine the best fit. For a service group that has experience in installing attractive, functional and robust retaining walls, you will want Caboolture Landscaping. Whatever alternative material has caught your eye, you can look to Caboolture Landscaping to help deliver quality results.


There is nothing wrong with choosing a classic or popular material for your patio, but if you want something different, there are a selection of different alternative options to choose from. From something that can deal with moisture and weeds like gravel to something unconventional like sand, patios are a versatile structure when it comes to materials. Whatever you are aiming for with your patio project, there is no shortage of choices for unique looks.