5 Common Deck Issues and How to Deal with Them

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A deck is something considered both as an extension from your home plus a shade from different weather conditions. As a structure that can provide extra space on your property, there are different styles and materials that you can have made with. Many decking materials are made to last and stand well against different weather while being versatile in style.

Whatever type of wood is selected though, there will be a time that your deck will need an inspection over time whether it be from aging or large amounts of impact from different elements, weather or otherwise.

What Issues to Look Out For

There are different types of issues that your deck can end up facing if you are not careful but keeping out an eye out for some of the more prevalent types of damages can help in the long run. Some of the more common types of damages you will want to watch out for are the following:


One of the more common issues that you will find with decks is their colour fading. This usually shows by the wood lowly turning grey as it ages and accumulates damage and debris. The grey colouring actually signals UV and water damage to the surface or can also be an indication of grime needing to be cleaned.

Some solutions to help with this issue is to use either wood cleaners or wood brighteners to restore some colour. It is advised though to seal the deck after cleaning or brightening the wood to ensure that it continues to look refreshed until the next treatment.

Wood Gaps

This kind of damage occurs when certain types of wood will shrink over time as it dries out, resulting in gaps in the deck. The damage can also result in gravity and the deck’s weight may make the entire structure lean away from the building. If left alone, gaping wood may let water seep into the surface boards, support framework, and posts, encouraging rot. Should the damage be small enough, you have the option to apply a good wood filling product, which acts like an epoxy filler.

Wood Rot/Rotting Posts

Rot by far is the biggest issue to look out for with your decks. There are different ways that this kind of damage can happen, one of them being a gutter issue or a problem with a fixture that is funnelling water onto a particular area of the deck. Even when sealed, there is a chance of rot, it is advised to the area after the next storm/rain shower to see where the water is coming from. A possible way to take care of the rot is to repair any affected boards while inspecting the posts and beams to ensure the deck remains stable.

Warped Wood

When a deck is left unmaintained far longer than it should, you might find the boards have warped, something that happens when the deck hasn’t been adequately treated for different weather conditions. You have the option to straighten them but if the weather has been particularly bad, it may be time to have the boards replaced instead.

Water Damage

While sealing a deck can add a layer of protection for the structure, neglecting any maintenance of it can lead to it wearing off when not reapplied every five years. This can result in the wood being exposed to the elements, eventually causing the wood to show significant signs of water damage. A good way to test your deck’s sealant is to sprinkle some water onto it and if the water stops beading and instead just seeps into the wood, you’ll know that it’s time to reseal the deck.

Why Have Caboolture Landscaping Help With Your Deck

You may have the option to fix any damages to your deck yourself but is understandable that the labour may seem a bit much. Having a professional service team to inspect and deal with any and all damages your deck may have is something that can be both convenient and time-saving.

Caboolture has a variety of different services that you can refer to but with Caboolture Landscaping, you can be assured that this group can assist with any decking needs with a variety of options that can meet your budget. Having experience in numerous different projects, Caboolture Landscaping can ensure a hassle-free inspection and repair process.


A deck can be a sturdy and convenient structure to have for your home, but like any other structure, it can be impacted by different elements over time. From water damage to gaping in the boards, a deck can end up with different kinds of damages over the years if you are not careful enough in its maintenance. While you can have these issues dealt with yourself with the proper tools, having a professional service can ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish. It can also help to note common damages to put a stop on further development.