5 Types of Dog-Friendly Natural Grass

As a pet owner, you want your dog to enjoy running around your yard for hours. Unfortunately, once you notice signs of damage in your lawn, your happiness quickly fades. Dogs will run, pee in the same spot, and have accidents from time to time. In the long run, your grass can have infertile spots, […]

Can You Lay Outdoor Tiles Over Grass?

An outdoor tile can be applied in different ways for different projects on your landscape. If you are looking to have a ground type tiling project and are dealing with a grassy landscape, you may wonder if it is feasible to install tiles over the material. The short answer is yes. However, if you are […]

Patio Alternative Options You Will Want to Consider

A variety of different options are available when it comes to materials that can be used to construct a patio with. From the durability of concrete to the natural aesthetic of stone, there is plenty of materials that can provide different looks for a patio project. While there are different popular options that have plenty […]

What to Avoid When Laying Turf

If you are looking to bring a new look to your landscape without completely reworking your outdoor space, turf laying is the best method. Turf laying can provide different options for your property and different benefits to go along with it. While the installation of this feature is not the most complicated thing, there are […]

5 Common Deck Issues and How to Deal with Them

A deck is something considered both as an extension from your home plus a shade from different weather conditions. As a structure that can provide extra space on your property, there are different styles and materials that you can have made with. Many decking materials are made to last and stand well against different weather […]